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Rossana practices civil litigation and criminal defense in both federal and state court.  Her extensive and varied litigation experience, negotiation skills, and trial tactics have resulted in a track record of exceptional outcomes over many years of practice.She excels at organizing and leading trial teams comprised of lawyers, expert witnesses, 咨询顾问, investigators and paraprofessionals. She works closely with the trial team to analyze voluminous discovery, identify key witnesses, and to brainstorm themes – all with an eye toward developing a successful trial strategy. At the core of Rossana’s practice is her thoughtfulness, diligence and ability to coordinate the efforts of professionals at all levels when litigating a complex case.


Rossana views her client as the most important member of the trial team. She always strives to develop strong client relationships and a complete understanding of her clients’ business. Rossana’s clients have included businessmen and women working in industries such as healthcare, 房地产, 金融, hospitality and technology. Rossana encourages her clients to ask questions, actively participate in the litigation, and to assist her in determining the litigation strategy that best suits their needs and circumstances. 


Rossana has experience litigating general business disputes, unlawful competition claims, tortious interference claims, employment disputes, and a variety of individual and business tort claims. In addition to her civil litigation practice, Rossana has experience defending a broad range of criminal law matters, including cases involving federal charges of healthcare fraud, 银行诈骗, insurance fraud, and wire fraud as well as state charges ranging from misdemeanors to first degree felonies. 


值得注意的是, in 2019, Rossana was one of the lead attorneys defending the then-largest healthcare fraud case in the nation in a trial that lasted seven weeks. Rossana developed the theory of defense on the principal count of health care fraud conspiracy. The jury deadlocked, and so her client avoided a conviction, on that count. In just this one case, Rossana cross-examined 7 witnesses, identified and subpoenaed 27 out of the 33 defense witnesses who testified, and performed the direct examination of 12 of those defense witnesses. 


Rossana honed her trial skills as a Miami-Dade Assistant Public Defender. In that position, she tried a wide variety of cases ranging from first degree murder, burglary and insurance fraud to driving under the influence. Rossana also successfully argued a Stand Your Ground Motion obtaining the dismissal of an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge. 另外, Rossana successfully argued motions to suppress, 的遣散费, in limine and for judgment of acquittal, as well as defended clients in pre-trial detention and alleged probation violation hearings.


Rossana served as a Law Clerk to U.S. District Judge Marcia G. 库克和U.S. Magistrate Judge Edwin G. Torres of the Southern District of Florida.She also worked at boutique and large civil litigation firms. Immediately prior to joining bet356体育, Rossana was a Partner at Black, Srebnick, Kornspan & Stumpf P.A. Rossana also taught legal research and writing for three years at the University of Miami School of Law. 

Rossana is a Miami native and speaks fluent Spanish. She is on the Board of Directors of the Friendship Circle of Miami and is a co-chair of the Legal Panel and Police Practices Committee of the ACLU of Florida’s Greater Miami Chapter.